Episode 0: Welcome to The Yaminade

In this short introductory podcast episode I share with you my thinking behind starting a podcast focused on Yammer and in particular community management on an enterprise social networking tool like Yammer.

As you will hear, find there are plenty of resources available online to help individuals, drug teams and organisation to make the most out of Yammer – whether it is to figure out the business case for enterprise social, unhealthy launch the network, or integrate it into other line of business applications… but they really just scratch the surface.  The goal of The Yaminade is to go deep and explore the real life stories of people and organisations who are successfully (and maybe not so successfully) using Yammer to drive business outcomes.

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Transcript of this episode of The Yaminade

Hi there and thank you so much for joining me for Episode 0 Of The Yaminade. This podcast is all about helping organisations to build bigger and better engaged communities on Yammer. My name is Paul Woods, I’m @paulwoods on Twitter and in Episode 0 I wanted to give you a bit of a context as to what I’m trying to achieve with The Yaminade and The Yaminade podcast. If you’re listening to Episode 0, you probably fall within three buckets in your organisation. Let’s think about it for a second. You’re either someone in internal communications, marketing or human resources and you’re looking for ways to improve collaboration or communication or breakdown silos a free version of Yammer. You may have a free version of Yammer at the moment or you might have just upgraded to the Enterprise version, it doesn’t matter. You’re looking at the used cases, how do we integrate these into the business processes, how do we breakdown those silos within our organisation?

You might be in IT and you might be getting a lot of questions from business or management about this Yammer thing and you’re trying to explore how to integrate it into your existing applications, how to set up a single sign on or how to upgrade into the enterprise network and how do you make sure that your Yammer community aligns with your corporate policies and practices around Information Technology.

You could be someone in management; you could be a CEO or a HR Manager or Chief Financial Officer and you’re trying to come to grips with how to use Yammer in the best way in our organisation to get the outcomes that we’re trying to achieve as a group. Or you could just be someone in the organisation who has a Yammer account and you want to learn more about how you can get more out of Yammer. So whichever bucket you fall into, The Yaminade is going to be designed to help you get a better understanding, learn what other people are doing and hopefully apply that in your organisations as well. The real rationale for me starting The Yaminade is that there are plenty of really good resources online, whether it’s in the Yammer Customer Network or on http://success.yammer.com or generally on the Internet where you can just scratch the surface around Yammer, so you can find out how to do a network launch in a 400-word blog post, or you could go to http://success.yammer.com and find some good templates to work with, but they really just scratch the surface and that is the thing that has challenged me. I would love to hear the real-world stories from people who have gone through this before me. I want to hear from an Internal Communications person from a fast-moving consumer goods organisation that has multiple languages across multiple geographies. How did they go about doing their network launch? And how did that compare to 400-person government agency that are all in one building. I would love to hear how they overcame those challenges in their own environments. You just don’t get that on the online resources today and you can only scratch the surface in the YCN.

So what I want to do is create a podcast and it’s going to be an informal chat. We’ll try to do it every fortnight and we’ll talk to people like you who are just going through the exact same thoughts and decisions as you. We’ll talk to them and they’ll share our stories with all of us within the community and hopefully we can all learn about how they went through those processes and what lessons they learned, probably more importantly, and sharing their successes and hearing how successful or not successful their efforts have been.

I’d really love you to be involved so an interview-style podcast like this isn’t all that worthwhile unless there are people to interview. So if you’ve got some great success stories to share or you’d like to work out loud and tell us about some of the challenges you’ve faced, we’ll hear from the community as well.

I’d love to have you on the podcast and we’ll set up an interview and we can do that in person if you’re where I am, which is Brisbane, Australia or we can do that by Skype or over the phone from anywhere else in the world. It’s not just an Australian podcast – I’m looking for examples from all over the world and how we can all learn from each other to build bigger and better engaged communities on Yammer.

To get involved, probably the best thing to do and to follow the podcast as we grow over time is to subscribe to the email newsletter on http://www.theyaminade.com. Think of it just like Yammer and Cool-Aid or Lemonade stuck together. That’s the best way to keep up to date. Obviously you can find us on social media: Twitter.com/theyaminade or @theyaminade.

If you’re on iTunes or another podcast service, make sure you subscribe to the podcast as well. If you really like the content after a few episodes, or if you like it already, make sure you review us on iTunes or your podcast service so we can share with everyone else.

So that’s just a really brief introduction to The Yaminade. Episode 0 is probably the shortest out of all of them. I’m looking forward to sharing stories with you in the future from people just like you and hopefully we can all learn together as we go.

Thank you very much and enjoy the show.


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