The Yammer Roadmap in an Office 365 World… with Pavan Tapadia and Lindsay Matthews from the Yammer Product team

There have been a lot of questions recently about the future of Yammer.  With further integration of Yammer into the Office 365 platform, pills
and what on the surface look like competing features like Office 365 groups emerging… it is difficult to understand where Yammer fits.

Well… in this episode we thought we would go straight to the source to get an answer.  Pavan Tapadia is the Chief Product Officer for Yammer, pharm
and Lindsay Matthews is the Yammer Product Manager in the UK. Earlier this week we had the opportunity to talk to them both all the way from Yammer HQ in San Francisco. We talked roadmap…. compete and how Yammer is positioned vs Slack, Facebook for Work and other emerging players… and finally asked a few curly questions from the Office 365 community as well (like when will we be able edit posts PAVAN!!!????) 🙂

This is probably one of the most information / value rich episodes of The Yaminade for anyone wanting to understand what the identity of Yammer is moving forward as it continues to find its place in the Office 365 world.


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