Episode 11: The ROI of Enterprise Social and Collaboration / Machine Learning and the future of Work with Naomi Moneypenny (Part 2)

In Episode 10 of The Yaminade we kicked of a great discussion with Naomi Moneypenny (@nmoneypenny).  After hearing Naomi’s interesting back story – including how she created one of the first Intranets in Europe – we dove into how ManyWorlds Inc (and Synxi) use Yammer to deliver innovative research and products to customers with a team distributed right across the world.

In this Episode – Part 2 of the chat with Naomi, generic
we explore:

  • how to define and articulate the return on investment in Enterprise Social or Collaboration projects – taking a business process orientated approach.  If you are trying to build a business case for Yammer – or trying to justifiy its impact – this is must listen content!;
  • this thing called the “social graph”; and
  • how things like recommendation engines and machine learning are going to change the way we work in the future

Links from this episode:

Streamling It Out Loud – a great tool to display what is happening in your digital network in your physical world!  I loved Naomi’s use case of using this on tablets beside executive’s desks so they could casually watch what was happening in the network without having to keep checking!

Synxi – the machine learning enterprise social recommendation engine.

NaomiMoneypenny.com – where you can dive deep on content and presentations that Naomi is delivering


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  1. Very interesting discussion. We are looking at change management using yammer and this has provided some useful tips.


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