Bridging the analog and digital with Becky Benishek from the Crisis Prevention Institute

beckybOn this episode of The Yaminade we chat with Becky Benishek (@bbenishek) from the Crisis Prevention Institute.   A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending an hour on Skype with Becky talking about the great work that the Crisis Prevention Institute do to help organisations around the world make places of employment great for everyone.  Then we dove deep into social media, visit this enterprise social and the similarities between helping people work together in the workplace… and helping people work together in your enterprise social network.

My favourite part of the conversation was talking about Becky’s analog tactics to drive engagement in the CPI Yammer network (you can read more about it and see examples of the postcards on Becky’s blog!

Resources for this episode:

Becky’s posts on Medium
Becky’s blog
Becky’s LinkedIn profile


… and Becky’s brand spanking new MVP profile!!! (WOOT!)

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  1. What a fabulous time I had with you! Thank you so much for thinking of me to join you on your Yaminade. And it’s true, we could have kept gabbing for hours more.


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