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Ideation and Innovation using Yammer with Ben Elias from Ideocial

Ever wanted to capture the collective intelligence of your organisation to unlock innovation?  We all have great ideas… but how do we turn those ideas into action?   In this episode of The Yaminade (sponsored by we talk to Ben Elias (@ideocial) from Ideocial.  Ben visited Brisbane earlier this year and spent a couple of hours with me in at the Adopt & Embrace office to geek out about innovation and leveraging tools like Office 365 to make it happen.  Together we explore how enterprise social networks like Yammer can be used to harness the novel and ingenious ideas your people have… and how you can then prioritise the implementation of those ideas in our organisation.  Then we learn a little more about Ben’s idea sourcing platform – Ideocial.

Keen to try out Ideocial for yourself?  Look for it in the Yammer App Directory… or sign up today for your Yammer network via

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Social analytics and insights for Yammer with Dean Swann and John White from UnlimitedViz

If you have dabbled in Yammer Community Management for more than 2 seconds, anesthetist
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have been asked a question about how to measure the “success” / “ROI” / “Engagement” / “Reach” / <Insert vanity metric here> of your enterprise social network.  In this episode we are joined by Dean Swann (@sdeanswann) and John White (@diverdown1964) from UnlimitedViz — the company behind tyGraph.  We geek out about business intelligence and your Yammer network – not only why and how we can measure activity, advice but more importantly what actions we can take as community managers leveraging data to create more engaged communities.

Then we discuss the shift in analytics away from the built in graphs that were available in the original product, towards Yammer Analytics powered by PowerBI.