Esa Eu Framework Agreement

The framework agreement between the European Community and the European Space Agency, THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, and the EUROPEAN SPATIAL AGENCE (hereafter referred to as parties) consider that closer cooperation between them will strengthen the peaceful uses of space as an important instrument to contribute to European economic cohesion and growth and that space activities can be carried out within a broader political, economic, scientific framework; CONSIDERING that each party is convinced that such cooperation will add value for the benefit of European citizens; CONSIDERING that the parties recognize that they have complementary and mutually reinforcing assets and that they are committed to cooperating effectively and effectively for both parties and avoiding unnecessary duplication; CONSIDERING that space technology has become a unique and critical technology that enables the Community to achieve and achieve many of its objectives, particularly in the areas of information society, transport and environmental protection; In view of the various resolutions adopted by the Council of the European Union (1) and the Council of the European Space Agency (2) and the conclusions of the Council of the European Union of 10 December 2001, the two councils above encouraged the establishment of a framework for cooperation between the parties, while maintaining their respective roles and responsibilities; CONSIDERING that decision 676/2002 by the European Parliament and the Council of 7 March 2002 on a regulatory framework for radio spectrum policy in the European Community (radio spectrum decision) is relevant, Since all space systems or applications depend on the availability of radio frequencies, THE AS FOLLOWS: Article 1 of cooperation on the objective of this framework agreement: 1.