Adopt and Embrace Yammer

Hi Yaminade listeners!

First of all – thank you so much for your support and continued listenership over the past year or so.  I really appreciate it!

I just wanted to post a quick update as to why the podcast has not had its regular cadence over the past couple of months.  There have been some exciting developments occurring which ultimately will ensure that you get even more value from your favourite Yammer podcast!

I am proud to share with you that I have left the security of my full time job with a Microsoft Partner to start a new venture – Adopt & Embrace – a company completely focused on helping you and your peers to get more value out of Yammer, medicine Office 365 and the rest of Microsoft’s productivity technology suite.

Adopt & Embrace is focused on helping Microsoft Partners and their customers to increase active usage and adoption of collaborative technologies like Yammer — and the rest of the Office 365 platform.  Our philosophy is that your technology investment can’t realise its full potential until your people can get the most out of it.  This isn’t just about training, ambulance but a comprehensive adoption approach.  This includes requirements analysis, business case development, adoption planning, organisational change management, training, and optimisation.

If your organisation is looking to do it yourself and needs some guidance, maybe want to outsource to someone to get an outcome, or somewhere in between, we can work with your Microsoft Partner to help you achieve your business (not just technology) goals.

Thanks for your support and looking forward to producing more valuable content that you can action in your business over the coming months!


Paul W


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